Sunday, March 30, 2008

captains log: day one, documentation begins before existance ceases

it took me a while to figure out what i'd actually start doing with this thing that i'm sure nobody will read. save those few strangers who took a wrong google detour. well, to you i say, aloha and hello. at first this was going to be some unfounded source of inspiration for me to start writing again. and then i remembered i am highly unimaginative. and since that realization, this account was long forgotten. until i decided to merge my two hobbies of wasting time and taking photographs. couple this with my really bad memory and now we are starting to serve a purpose here. that being, to document something from the misadventures of my absent mind through words and photos and occassional song. and post here. if only for me to recall what it is i do or think on a daily basis. this progression will be highly enlightening for me. im sure. but i shall forewarn you, that words will be sparse. take or discard what you will.

today i rolled around the streets of new york city. travelling with godzilla.

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